Thursday, April 19, 2012

top 10 nepali movies you must watch

Here are top 10 nepali movies.this is totally my personal view.I have considered the collection made by the movie,impacts  made on the society,directorial innovations etc.Though, must of the nepali movies are directly influenced by bollywood masala and makers consider couple of fights,couple of songs,couple of comedy scenes and handful of feminine emotions as important ingredients in their movie,there are some exceptions.Now a days, its already crystal clear that we should have our own nepali flavor of scripts and realistic acting and some movies have proved it.

10.kusume rumal:

     for its story and box office success.Also,for the onscreen chemistry of Bhuwan kc and Tripti Nadakar.

     One of the epic melodrama and superb acting by Harihar Sharma and what a directorial ability?
08.seema rekha:

     One of the  most successful nepali movie based on historical events.

     commercial success ,innovative camera works,superb acting of Saugat Malla and Dayahang Rai and             
     directorial debut of Nischal Basnet with bang.
     First movie ever made in Nepal.
     First nepali movie made in private banner.
     One of the highest grossing nepali movies and proved to be milestone in kollywood arena.
     One of the best movies i have ever watched.I bet anybody is left with tears rolling on his cheek.superb     
     acting by maha jodi,Nir shah and of course SUNIL POKHAREL.
     Also called "mask of desire",inspired by true incident and must watch movie.
     Another great movie and directed by Eric Valli.One of the movies you must see atleast once in your life time.

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  1. I dont think you can put caravan in no 1 coz its not actually a nepali movie. It is an english documentary made on nepal.